Aquarius is the first astrological symbol on the yearly calendar, starting from the 20th of January, continuing on until the 18th of February.

Astrology is a means by which people calculate their personality traits and their future by the patterns in the stars.

The patterns that stars make were often worshipped by several different religions and cults, which have now formed the commonly used astrological symbols that we all use, and read about every day in the newspaper or magazines.

There are twelve astrological symbols that portray different elements, personality traits, body types and can gain insight into the future and fate of our lives.

water Aquarius is associated with the constellation of the same name, it is also associated with water, due to aqua being in its title.

This is gained from the Babylonian calendar, in which the month was associated with floods, the association with water continues into the German translation wasserman which literally means water.

The typical characteristics of a person in possession of a birth date within the boundaries of Aquarius are an unconventional and quirky person, who is supportive and creative while known as a creature of the night and a humanitarian.

aquarius sign All star signs are associated with colours, the Aquarius possessing light blue, orange and purple as its colours. However, this does not necessarily agree with the Aquarius skin colour.